Monday, June 7, 2010

MIXTAPE and Annihilation

If the gods be pleased with me I will have the finances and means of transportation to make it to these next gigs (I make being broke sound so classy sometimes)

MIXTAPE, run by The Pink Couch and Yawazzi is a party with some awesome twists held at The Albert Hall in Woodstock. Multimedia and art from some of the most innovative young creatives out there, DJs, films and some killer bands await us. Remember Jaques Strauss' illustrative genius in my last post? Well, that same band, The Great Apes are on the bill with my buddy Yusif Sayigh on vocals-- he's a monster, check them out if you haven't already.  Toby2Shoes and The Sleepers made the bill too, which isn't a surprise.I've never been able to complain about a jumping castle or pancakes before either, so I'm gonna arrive hungry... that's Thursday the 10th this month. Fetch!

...On the other hand we have a new project at Fiction called Annihilation. The guys from KOL (Mingus & DJ ID) are collaborating with the AWESOME DJ Low, and Disco and Dank of Sedge Warbler . You'll remember those names if you've heard of PH Fat... This one I gotta see. Damage is 20 bones before 11 and 30 thereafter which is so fine with me, and all drinks are half-off before 11. Yeah look, you can't go wrong here. Hip hop with a twist, and we're always down for new things.

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