Thursday, May 20, 2010

Photojournal Two: Friday Night at Didi's

Rhyme & Reason: May 28th

May 28th, we'll be bringing some old school joints and some fresh rhymes. Thanks to Mafiyana, Infinite Split Militia and Metabolism, I get to drop some tracks we've all been itching to hear.  These guys are very cool and they have flow for years... Swing by if you feel some concious shit.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Khuli Chana: Freshe Video Shoot

This had to be one of the most interesting experiences of my life. Khanyi asked me to help her out an take a spot in her music video so, naturally I was happy to be of assistance. I had no idea what we had to do when I got there (7am I must add), but on arrival and two coffees later, I was given a tiny dress... It turns out I had to dance with a bunch of girls and try to look pretty. Okay, I thought, could dig it. Turns out I was gonna be one of 6 girls in Khuli Chana's new video for a track called Freshe. It's a great song, I love it, but I had no idea who this cat was. Well I did my research and Khuli Chana is a young man who won best newcomer at the 2009 Channel O awards. That is pretty impressive, and I guess I now know why... The guy's got swag. Anyway, for this video he was collaborating with pH, Leo Large, along with Mahlatse and Tede and Ill Skillz, and coming to Cape Town seemed like a great idea to his manager Refiloe, who's on point and extremely easy to respect. Stylists everywhere, hair, make up, music, producers, photos... it was madness! From 6 in the morning to 6 at night, we were busy. I met some great girls, the guys were mad funny,  and everything wrapped up pretty well. Urban Mosadi and Kitsi were behind the styling, which consisted of Head Honcho, Shelflife and others stores on the same tip. Deon at hair and make up did an aweome job, he's such a sweetheart. All the hard work payed off and everything looked decent... When it gets released I'll link it up!

Take a listen >>>Freshe
Check out Urban Mosadi's blog for more visuals...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ndumiso Sibanda

The most charming man I have ever encountered, Ndumiso Sibanda is a filmmaker on his way to greatness. Local hip hop owes him much to date for some amazing footage he's spent hours shooting, editing and directing. MC Mingus' video Final Warning, shot at Tagore's in Observatory was a great production, and his work on the 24 Hour Skills That Pay the Bills video effort had Ill-Literate-Skill collaborating with some of South Africa's finest talents, which includes photography by Max Mogale, styling by Caitlin "The Dutchesse" Hill and Tiger Lily, singer Zaki Ibrahim, producers Planet Earth, Nyambz, Sibot, pH and international hip hopper John Robinson of Scienz of Life. I have yet to see the video, but I'm anticipating it's dopeness... Also, in an outfit called Jou Ma Se Films, he's teamed up with a bunch of young and excitable filmmakers and put together some interesting productions, for one, acting in and directing Welkom By Die Schoemans,  pulling together a hilarious story and polishing it off with flair. Check out Welkom and Final Warning on the tube, I gotta say this young man's future looks bright.

Welkom By Die Schoemans
Final Warning: Mingus